[R1886 : page 252]



LET me remind you all, ye faithful believers in Christ, that ye are compared to trees—trees of the Lord's right-hand planting. Seek to grow as the tree grows. Pray that this year ye may grow downward; that ye may know more of your own vileness, more of your own nothingness; and so be rooted to humility. Pray that your roots may penetrate below the mere topsoil of truth, into the great rocks which underlie the uppermost stratum; that ye may get a good hold of the doctrines of eternal love, of immutable faithfulness, of complete satisfaction, of union to Christ, of the eternal purpose of God, which he purposed in Christ Jesus before the world was. This will be a growth which will not add to your fame, which will not minister to your vanity, but it will be invaluable in the hour of storm; a growth, the value of which no heart can conceive when the hurricane is tearing up the hypocrite. As ye root downward, seek to grow upward. Send out the topshoot of your love towards heaven. As the trees send out their spring shoot and their midsummer shoot, and as you see upon the top of the fir that new green child of spring, the fresh shoot which lifts its hand towards the sun, so pant to have more love and greater desires after God, a nearer approach towards him in prayer, a sweeter spirit of adoption, a more intense and intimate fellowship with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ. This mounting upward will add to your beauty and to your delight. Then pray to grow on either side. Stretch out your branches; let the shadow of your holy influence extend as far as God has given you opportunities. But see to it also that ye grow in fruitfulness, for to increase the bough without adding to the fruit is to diminish the beauty of the tree. Labor this year by God's grace to bring forth more fruit unto him than ye have ever done. We would not be as the gleanings of the vintage when there is only here and there a cluster upon the uppermost bough, we would be as the Valley of Eschol, whose presses burst with new wine.

This is to grow in grace; to root downward, to shoot upward, to extend your influences like far-reaching branches, and to bring forth fruit unto the Lord's glory.—C. H. Spurgeon.




Have you entered the race for the prize, brother,
For the crown of Immortal Life?
Are you pressing along the line, brother,
Amid dangers, trials and strife?

CHO.—Let your light shine out clear and bright,

For you travel 'midst error and doubt;
Of this dark world "ye are the light;"
Christ has said let your light shine out.

Does the pathway seem tedious and lone, brother,
Are you weary, discouraged or faint?
Courage! Christ is beside you to give, brother,
Grace and comfort for ev'ry complaint.

There are pilgrims who need cheering words, brother,
Like our Lord, let us comfort and bless;
Any where, any time, we may serve, brother,
In this, find our own burdens made less.

Time for winning the prize is but short, brother,
Then so run that you surely obtain.
Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus alone, brother,
He will lead you, and make your way plain.

Wondrous priv'lege is granted to us, brother,
That of suffering with Jesus, our Head;
As new creatures are we in God's sight, brother,
To the world we are reckoned as dead.

Then be vigilant, steadfast and true, brother;
For the enemy "lieth in wait;"
And put on the whole armor of God, brother,
And for your feet make your paths straight.