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Question.—Your suggestion that we might celebrate our Lord's Last Supper on the Thursday nearest to present calculations pleased some of us, but we have heard nothing further. What is your thought?

Answer.—We have no thought of making any change in the method of calculating the Memorial date. There would always be some who would prefer the present method anyway, and we would needlessly endanger hurting their feelings; and there will be but few celebrations more if our expectations are happily realized.

We suggest to all the dear friends that the main thing to contend for is the annual celebration. We are not Jews bound by the Law nor are we bound by any word of the New Testament on the subject to an exact day and hour; but let us continue to celebrate our Memorial in harmony with the Jewish calendar, and when the date happens to fall on a Thursday we will merely have that much more complete a celebration. Still let us not forget that we must daily partake of the bread from heaven and drink of our Lord's cup to accomplish the real celebration.



Question.—We note marginal comments on the margin of this season's Volunteer matter. Whose comments are these supposed to be?

Answer.—We got the idea from a Colporteur who was laboriously writing such comments on all the tracts he distributed; because he found that they had the better attention. Assuming that all Volunteers would be glad to write such comments, we did it for them. We assumed also that Colporteurs going in every direction would like to be announced as coming, and therefore so stated. But by error the latter got P—for Pilgrim instead of C—for Colporteur.