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The letter below is from one now a colporteur representing our Society in the spreading of the Truth. The writer has learned to listen to the Voice of God in his appointed way—through His Word and not through spirit "voices." We rejoice that the Lord is pleased to use the WATCH TOWER to call attention to the precepts of His Word.


All day and nearly all last night I have been rejoicing over the article on the "Increasing Influence of Spiritism." I do thank the Lord for it from first to last and you also. It is to me another wonderful deliverance, as when I first read the Spiritism pamphlet. I praise God for His goodness, and for his mighty Arm protectingly thrown around his people in this article. What a safeguard! I am most deeply grateful. It seems to put away so much of fears and worries from me—it is one of the answers long delayed in wisdom. It meets my prayers for 15 months past. How thankful I am that I burned my "Message Book" about three years ago. It was an idol, and a truly Satanic snare.

This TOWER explains several circumstances in my life that have greatly puzzled me, and seems to add clearness to the exposition of the Spiritism pamphlet, or makes the impress deeper. I certainly have been tormented with the "voices" not a little.

I certainly will keep as far away as possible from all such "voices." Their words were as distinct as possible, and as beautifully expressed oftentimes as those spoken of in the clipping. Praise God for the precious blood shed on Calvary, and the glorious liberty wherewith it hath made us free.

And now even Telepathy, which has generally been a great delight to me, I am willing to put aside as evil, unless it be that good angels do carry messages within the Church. But I would rather deny myself this pleasure also, in such measure as I have practised it, than to meddle for one instant longer with any of these Satanic snares and deceptions.

"Tho from my life He seems to take
What I thought wholly blest,"—

There is no question but I will to love the Truth. It is [R3679 : page 367] worth all it costs. And "tribulation worketh patience," one of the necessities in the Christian character spectrum. I see more and more how the Adversary's deceptions cater to human impatience as well as self-esteem, love of ease, avarice, etc. It requires patience to think of our buried relatives and friends as "sleeping" till the Millennial morning: that is why Spiritism has such a mighty hold on the world, even unconsciously.

I pray the Lord for patience, and for self-possession in Christ. And I will have them (D.V.). I praise his name for this WATCH TOWER and enclose a list of 15 names and addresses to which I would like copies sent. Would that these could see with me the Almighty Arm beating back the hosts of the foe from Christ's little flock. "Thus far and no farther!" I praise God for his salvation. Resp'y, A. L. D.



I believe that you will rejoice with us to know that the truth is doing its work over the head of all opposition. While we know that the truth will prevail, yet it gladdens our hearts to see some outward manifestations. So I write to tell you about two Lutheran ministers that I have met recently in this city, who are very much interested in the truth. They are both still preaching in Babylon. One of them I have talked with but little. The other has told his people that if they did not want him to preach the truth he would give up his position. So we know it will only be a short time until he will have to look for other opportunities; but he is rejoicing. He said before he got the truth he was like a man with a pocket full of nuts and nothing to crack them with; but Brother Russell furnished the nutcracker and he was now feasting. So we praise the Lord for the assurance that they who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled.

Yours in the Redeemer, H. W. DICKERSON,—Colporteur.



Some little time ago, on opening my mail, I came across a curious looking envelope, advertising MILLENNIAL DAWN, or "The Plan of the Ages," a beautiful and remarkable book, explaining the Bible, and especially interesting to Bible students. I would not have noticed this envelope, had it not been for the unusual amount of reading matter on it.

I enclose 50 cents herewith, in payment of this wonderful book, bound in cloth. If this is not sufficient, please advise at your earliest convenience.

I am a Bible student, and will be glad to get such a book as this, as it will explain many things which I have read in the Bible and did not understand.

Please reply as soon as possible, and oblige,

Very truly yours, C. B.—Mich.


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Two sisters from W__________, Pa., who spent most of last winter here at this boarding house, went home some weeks ago. In a letter just received by my landlady from one of them she sends me this message: "We are lending the books on 'Hell' to our friends. We discuss the matter and already there are four of us convinced that Mr. Russell is right on that question and some others. I shall have to send for some more books. We have great discussions on religious questions. Father calls us heretics, but we believe we are escaping from heresies."

Your brother in Christ, J. H. MOFFATT,—Florida.


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On page 85 of March 15th you speak of Noah's Ark and its dimensions. So far as the proportions go the Danish naval architect is correct, 300 x 50 x 30, but these are not feet, as would appear from the reading, but cubits. The cubit was the measure from the point of a man's elbow to the point of his middle finger. This was never less than eighteen inches, while the Jewish sacred cubit was an handbreadth more, amounting to 21.88 inches. Thus reckoning the smaller cubit in Noah's Ark, we have a vessel of the following dimensions: 547.3 feet long, 91.2 feet wide, 54.72 feet high, and of a cubic capacity of 2,730,782 feet, tonnage 81.052.

A shipbuilder in Holland built a large model of the ark in 1670 or 1760, and found its proportions eminently fitted for carrying an enormous load with great safety through rough waters. What else should we expect when we know that its plan came direct to Noah from God?




I would like to express my feeling of deep gratitude for what food I have received in reading the DAWN and TOWER. Four years ago I commenced to read these publications and have read them over at least twice during that time, but my eyesight failing me I have not been able to read at all for the last eighteen months. I am so thankful to my dear heavenly Father that my sight was spared to me long enough to learn of the great plan of salvation. It has been such a comfort and blessing to me that words fail to express my deep sense of gratitude to my heavenly Father for opening the eyes of my understanding to some of the deep things as revealed in his Word. May God's blessing rest upon you in your efforts to spread the Truth among his people.

Yours in Christ, C. C. STRONG.—Cal.


A dear brother less than two years old in the Truth writes:—

"Paul tells us plainly in Galatians 5:20-22 that those who practice, among other things, 'enmities, quarrels, jealousies, resentments, altercations, factions, sects, envyings,' cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. This brings us one and all face to face with a most serious question, Are we—am I—practicing any of these things?"

Evidently the dear brother's mind is being "exercised by use." Would that we all might keep his question well in mind and see that we learn to answer it correctly, as the Lord would approve: Yes.