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THE first edition (5000) of the new WATCH TOWER BIBLES is about exhausted. We however, purpose another (5,000) edition, which we hope will be ready by May, 1908. Meantime Brother C. J. Woodworth is at work on the Commentary again, and promises that soon he will have it include all TOWER comments that are not found in the DAWNS. This addition will make unnecessary "Part V., Index to Scriptures treated at length in Zion's Watch Tower." Nevertheless it will add over 200 pages to the "Helps," making them in all about 500 pages. This will add the price a little, too—15 cents each. Do not order until we announce that these are ready.

Of the present edition we still have some of all styles with the patent index, which adds 25c each to the price. We also have a few of No. W138, price with postage $1.48.


To issue all of these "Helps" as a separate volume, in India paper, bound in cheap leather, would make the books cost as much as the cheapest of these Bibles; hence would be undesirable, for surely it is a great item to have such helps bound in with the Bible. However, we well know that some of our dear readers who get the TOWER free, as "the Lord's poor," cannot afford another Bible, however desirable and cheap.

We therefore are preparing all the helps, except the Commentary, on India paper, 64 pages, which we can supply at 10c each, including postage—and our "Lord's poor" will be welcome to one each free. Others may find these convenient for use with other Bibles. They are thin, so they can be carried under your Bible cover. Orders may be sent in any time. We expect to be able to make deliveries Dec. 1.