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AS WE expected, quite a number of the dear friends who attended the Nashville Convention, declared at its conclusion that it was the very best of all. So long as we are growing in grace, it must be true that a meeting of those of like precious faith for the discussion of our Father's Word must bring blessings increasingly precious as we increase in grace and knowledge. This being so, each day, each month, each year should be our best, our happiest, the one of our closest fellowship with the Lord. Blessed are those who, abiding under the shadow of the Almighty, are thus progressing from grace to grace, from glory to glory, and preparing for the final "change," when they shall see his face and hear the Master's "Well done."

The Convention was a success. We had not expected more than one hundred in attendance, but found three hundred to three hundred and fifty. Pilgrim Wise served as chairman, and, with Pilgrims Sullivan, Rutherford, Johnson, Harrison, W. H. Bundy, F. H. Robison, J. A. Parker and C. T. Russell, shared in the addresses of the first four days. On Tuesday, December 29, thirty symbolized their consecration by water baptism, and that same evening we had our love feast, which, as usual, is a most delightful occasion. Following this a number were obliged to leave, but a larger number remained and had a delightful season of fellowship the next day, a large number of brethren being heard from in a symposium of Love.

There were about one hundred Colporteurs in attendance, and a splendid, representative company they were.