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If any one had approached me four months ago with any "new" or different religious belief than I then had, I would have stated that I was a Congregationalist and satisfied with that belief; that I did not think there was any belief nearer right or nearer to Bible truth. Not that I think Congregationalism better than the faith or belief of other denominations, but certainly just as good.

But recently the unexpected happened. A "new" belief was brought to my attention, one concerning which I knew but little. This was Pastor Charles T. Russell's first volume of SCRIPTURE STUDIES, known as "The Divine Plan," of which I was hearing much from day to day. I had always considered myself quite liberal in my estimate of those of a different Christian faith, but toward these books I found myself bitterly prejudiced.

Some things were brought to my attention which I thought, if true, every one ought to know. But were they true? Could they be true? I did not want to be won over to any "new thing," but there were some things of which I wanted to know more, and to these I listened and read, but not wanting to be convinced.

Finally replying to inquiry, I said I was not so obstinate or headstrong as to refuse to believe or to be convinced, if I was in error in regard to Scripture teaching, provided the statements presented to me were Scriptural and would lead to a better understanding of the Bible and of God's plan, and provided also the proofs could be produced.

In this spirit I began the reading and study of the MILLENNIAL DAWN-SCRIPTURE STUDIES. I found each volume of the series intensely interesting, as God's wonderful plan and truth was unfolded. After reading the series of six volumes I can say that if these books are true they certainly are the most wonderful and important books ever written—outside the Bible. And I believe they are true! If they are true every one ought to know the Bible teaching.

I found that the chronological results are reached by five separate and distinct lines of computation, and the same careful and conscientious handling of every subject is manifested throughout the series.

Pastor Russell rids religion of error, the error which has crept in little by little through the Church of Rome, etc. He rids religion of tradition and man-made creeds and seeks to make plain God's way in all Scriptural purity, proving all teaching by Scripture, and by unperverted Scripture alone.

He does not exalt self. He exalts Christ alone, with the Father. He tears down nothing taught in God's holy Word. He builds up no creed nor religious system, but takes the Scriptures and the Scriptures alone for our spiritual guide, [R4361 : page 95] proving and testing all things by that standard. He combats evil of every kind, and every shade of infidelity, Spiritualism, Higher Criticism—every form of unbelief.

At first thought some conclusions seem radical to one accustomed to the usual so-called "orthodox" interpretations, but in every instance they will be found to be soundly Scriptural.

Believers in MILLENNIAL DAWN do not teach, as some seem to think, that those who believe and faithfully follow these teachings are the only ones to be saved. They not only teach that all such must follow the Master in the strait and narrow way, but teach also a more compassionate gospel and a broader plan of salvation for all who will be saved, than is usually understood and commonly taught by others.

MILLENNIAL DAWN does teach that there are other truths than those commonly taught by the various churches and religious systems, truths that are important, and these it seeks to make plain.

Not one more creed to add to the world's diversified religious beliefs, but the one interpretation, which means harmony of all Scripture and unity of belief and purpose to all Christians of whatsoever name—to all seekers after truth who are willing to forsake all and follow Christ.

J. M. M.—Ia.