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For some time past our dear Brother Dr. L. W. Jones, 2024 Washington Boulevard, Chicago, has been getting out Convention Reports. We are confident that he has the best of intentions in respect to this matter. He informs us that he receives many letters indicating that the friends of the Truth are both interested and profited by the reading of these. On the contrary, some of the Pilgrim brethren tell us that they believe that any good results from these reports are more than offset by the fact that the dear friends who read them correspondingly neglect the reading and re-reading of the DAWN-STUDIES. They point out that the latter, being connected, logical treatises of the entire plan, are more necessary and more helpful than any oral presentations could be. We much incline to agree with this thought. It is our experience that those who keep up a regular daily reading of twelve pages of "Scripture Studies" and thus go through the entire six volumes every year are the most thoroughly rooted, grounded and built up in the most holy faith—the best established in the teachings of the Bible.

Being perplexed we have in the past followed our usual custom of simply letting alone all publications which do not emanate from our office—Bibles, Concordances, etc., excepted. This year, however, the matter of publishing the Convention Reports reached a crisis when our dear Brother Jones assured us that he would not continue to get them out except with our approval, although he had already received some subscriptions. Put thus to the test we were in a quandary and decided to endorse the issue for 1909, to the extent of announcing it in these columns and to look for the Lord's further leading in respect to the matter.

In harmony with the foregoing we hereby notify the friends that Brother Jones is preparing a Convention Report, 1909, which will include the different Conventions connected with our Convention Tour of the Far West just ended, and also include the Saratoga-Brooklyn Convention, elsewhere more particularly announced in this Journal. It is proposed that the Report shall give more or less detailed reports of the discourses at the different Conventions and photo-engravings [R4469 : page 270] of the speakers and of the Brooklyn Tabernacle and Bethel. It will be in magazine form, somewhat like the "Watch Tower" in size, but of more pages. The price will be One Dollar. Orders may be sent to the Society or to Brother Jones, as above—preferably to the latter, as thereby the freight will be saved and the trouble of mailing them.