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I have just received a letter from a Sister in the South and thought that an extract from it would be interesting to you, and possibly offer a suggestion to other WATCH TOWER readers. The Sister writes:—

"In THE WATCH TOWER of November 1st the suggestion is offered that those who cannot sell DAWN-STUDIES regularly might 'do a good follow-up work by selling the HEAVENLY MANNA." After thinking prayerfully over the matter I decided, the Lord helping me, that I would make an effort along this line. I made the start to-day, working three hours and canvassing twenty people. The result was that I took orders for ten books and found two people already interested in the Truth, one-half of my time being spent with these friends, namely, two Sisters who have a Brother in the Truth in N.C. These Sisters have but recently moved to Columbia and were wondering if there were any people residing here of their Brother's faith. You may easily imagine how happy it made me to find these friends. One of them had been reading but recently and is becoming much interested.

"My motive at first in doing this work was to help our finances, which are low at present; nevertheless, down deep in my heart was a longing desire to do something to awaken the zeal which was in danger of being smothered by the daily trials to which I have been subjected of late; for really spiritual help and nourishment are what I stand in need of more than money. Accordingly, I prayed to the Lord that, if I had taken the right step, he would encourage me this first day, for it was just as hard for me to start out now as when I sold my first DAWN. I feel that he has indeed done so, for the meeting of those two interested ones was well worth the effort I had made."