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Please let me add my testimony to the many others sent you at this time. My feeble words cannot express my heart's joy, because of the great light that has come to me through the knowledge of "Present Truth."

The little tract from your pen that by accident fell into my hands many years ago accomplished its mission well. Under the Spirit's power God used that little messenger as an index-finger to point to the proof of its strange and new statements concerning the meaning of many things in the Bible. You said, prove everything by the Word of God. I did so, found your words to be truth then, and the eyes of my understanding were opened.

The key to the great storehouse of God's Truth was in my hand, and gradually, step by step, I have been guided by your Spirit-inspired pen, which has continually pointed to God's Word as the only proof test of its statements, until my heart has become established in the Truth, and each day I am becoming more and more free. More and more is the light shining, and with joyful anticipation, faith points a little farther on unto the perfect day.

May our Father still make you his blessed instrument to show forth his light upon his fast-revealing Truth, and still use your lips as his mouthpiece to guide those who otherwise could not understand. And may the ink-horn at your side never fail to supply the pen which will send the message of love and light to the thousands who cannot hear your voice, nor look upon your Spirit-illumined countenance. But it is not your work. Let God be praised for his wonderful work, which he has brought through his chosen servant and watchman, and may you still, as in the past, be sustained and comforted by him who will never leave, never forsake.—Job 8:19,20; Ps. 84, 19; Heb. 12:27.

And may you be among those who cannot be shaken, but one to whom the verse—Ps. 37:6—will most fully apply, is my fervent prayer.

Nov. 17 was my 70th birthday anniversary, and how blessedly true is the text that is written in the HEAVENLY MANNA for that date. Faithful pastors and teachers, who have watched for my soul as they who must give an account. Surely I have been delivered from the subtle snare of the Fowler. Praise the Lord for his loving, unmerited kindness to me.

Yours in hope to anchor in the harbor,



I have pleasure in acknowledging your kind letter of the 22nd inst., being deeply appreciative of the loving interest, sympathy and fellowship expressed in it.

Truly, in the wonderful Mystical Body of Christ, and of which by God's grace we are individually members, if one member suffer all suffer. Then, too, we are each built up by the means of the strength that each band, joint and ligament supplies, until we all come to the full stature of men in Christ. Our consolation is that the Lord knoweth them that are his, and that all things are working together for good to his elect ones. In our present trials let us take heed to ourselves that we ever remain in the faith, knowing that he who has called us is faithful, who will also do it.

Very sincerely your brother and co-laborer in the Kingdom,