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DIVINE PROVIDENCE permitting, Brother Russell and the party of friends accompanying him on the trip to Palestine, expect to have the privilege of celebrating the antitypical Passover Supper, commemorating our Lord's death, by partaking of the emblems, the bread and the wine, in Jerusalem, and in the "upper room" in which, according to tradition, the Lord and the Apostles partook of the last Passover Supper together, and where the Lord instituted that service which so wonderfully sets forth his death and the privilege afforded the "members in particular of his Body" of being broken together with him, and of participating in the communion (common-union) of his sacrificial blood, by drinking the cup with him.

That all who desire may be together in spirit at that season and have their thoughts and prayers directed along the same lines at the same time, we submit a table of the relative time of day it will be in other places:—

7 p.m., Friday, April 22, at Jerusalem, will correspond to the following time, on same day, at these places:—

6 p.m. in Berlin, Germany, and surroundings.

5 p.m. in London and British Isles.

1 p.m. in Maritime Provinces.

12 noon, in New York, N.Y.; Washington, D.C., and all Eastern time cities.

11 a.m. in Chicago, St. Louis and all Central time cities.

10 a.m. in Denver and all Mountain time cities.

9 a.m. in San Francisco and Pacific Coast time cities.

The Congregation of the Brooklyn Tabernacle will gather together to celebrate the Memorial at 13-17 Hicks street in the evening of the same day at 8 o'clock. As before announced in THE TOWER no special invitation is extended to distant friends, as the best interests are perhaps served by each group gathering together in its respective locality. However, those living in places which present no favorable opportunity for observing the event will be welcomed at any of the classes anywhere.