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WE hereby confirm previous announcements, and request all who expect to attend this Convention to so advise us at once—particularly such as desire us to secure for them accommodations at cottages along the shores of Lake Chautauqua. We expect to engage the apartments outright for those who order them, paying for two days at least, in advance.

We will use the large Auditorium at Celeron, which is an amusement place of the quieter sort. However, the Auditorium is far enough from the noise to serve our purposes. We anticipate that the friends will have no particular interest in the amusements. Anyway these are less patronized in the day time and our proposition is to hold Convention sessions in daylight only—9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with an intermission at noon for a plain sandwich luncheon.


At the cottages at various points we will arrange for lodging, breakfast and supper. Large and small steamers ply the Lake frequently and will constitute a convenient method of transportation.

Our Committee in charge of arrangements is prepared to offer per day rates which include a boat ride to and from the Auditorium, a very plain noonday luncheon at the Auditorium and breakfast, supper and lodging at a cottage, all included for the following sums, which vary according to the accommodations and meals for the nine [R4643 : page 218] days, namely, $9, $11, $14. Those desirous of hotel accommodations can be arranged for at from two to four dollars per day.

Those staying a shorter time than nine days may expect to pay a little more proportionately, $1.25 to $1.50 per day, all included. We have made these arrangements, believing them to be specially advantageous to all concerned. Unless we are mistaken our Convention will take up nearly all the available accommodations, except at Jamestown hotels.


Our Convention is held under the auspices of the "International Bible Students' Association," but excursion rates have NOT been granted in this name. There will be three general excursion rates. The first of these is the regular Chautauqua excursion on July 29. It is the cheapest excursion. It will be good to return any time within thirty days and will permit those living in New York City and vicinity, and at points east of Hornell, on the Erie Railroad, as well as all whose tickets naturally read through Buffalo, to include a visit to Niagara Falls. Those who take advantage of this special Chautauqua rate must begin their trip on Friday, July 29, excepting from points in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee, from which States tickets will be sold only on July 28. These tickets are on sale at very cheap rates; usually they amount to about $2 more than a full single fare. Then, though you purchase these tickets to the Chautauqua Assembly Grounds, you can get off at Celeron and come direct to the Auditorium. We have made arrangements for having these tickets validated for the return journey without inconvenience.

In the interest of those who cannot attend at the beginning of the Convention, another excursion has been granted in the name of The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society to start either August 5 or 6. The rate is not quite so cheap, however—one fare and a half. The ticket is good to return so as to reach starting point not later than August 17, and also gives option of returning via Niagara Falls, as mentioned above.

Where neither of the above rates can be secured, the following will apply: From practically all points in the United States and Canada regular summer tourist tickets are on sale daily to JAMESTOWN at fares approximately two cents per mile in each direction; or, in other words, about one fare and a half for the round trip; return limit October 31.


who trust in the Redeemer's merit for their acceptance with God, are cordially invited to this Convention. Let us gather with hearts full of gratitude to God and desirous of knowing and doing his will more perfectly as the days go by. Let us come expecting to receive blessings at the Lord's hand and desirous of being used of him to strengthen and comfort and assist his "brethren."

The Railroad Company has co-operated with us in issuing our Program and Information Bulletin for those desiring to attend. On the one side of it is a picture of Lake Chautauqua showing the various little cities surrounding it, the stopping-places of the little steamers. If you purpose attending the Convention write us for one of these circulars. Determine as soon as possible and make your application, and, if possible, send in the money for your lodging, that everything may be prepared for your comfort in advance of your arrival. We will make no assignments of lodgings until July 15. Then we will apportion the lodgings to those ordering them and will serve their interests impartially to the best of our ability.

The spending of the evenings quietly at the cottages will give opportunity for rest and fellowship amongst the friends. If at any of the cottages there is a desire for singing in the evening or for chart-talks or whatever, the opportunity should be accepted. We trust that, as usual, the dear friends will leave an influence for good behind them. We hope that the Bible Students of this Convention may long be remembered by the people on Chautauqua Lake shores as model Christians in every sense.