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Leave New York Tuesday, March 7th, 9 a.m., steamer Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm; arrive Plymouth about 13th or 14th. London—March 19 (Sunday), at London Tabernacle; subject for public discourse, "Two Salvations, But No Second Chance." March 20 (Monday), leave for Barmen, Germany. Barmen—March 21 (Tuesday), arrive prepared for meetings according to times and trains; leave at night for Vienna. Vienna—March 22 (Wednesday), afternoon or evening meeting; one for Jews. Budapest—March 23 (Thursday), one or more meetings for Jews; leave on night train for Lemberg. Lemberg—March 24 (Friday), one or two meetings for Jews; leave at night for Berlin. Berlin—March 25 (Saturday), arrive at Berlin; possibly evening meeting. March 26 (Sunday), two services at Berlin; one for Jews; leave on night train for Copenhagen. Copenhagen—March 27 (Monday), hold two meetings; leave on afternoon boat for Stockholm. Stockholm—March 28 (Tuesday), hold two meetings; one public and one for the interested; leave at night for next two appointments. London—April 2 (Sunday), meeting at "London Tabernacle" at the regular hour; evening meeting at Royal Albert Hall. Edinburgh—April 4 (Tuesday), two meetings, both under auspices of International Bible Students Association. Glasgow—April 5 (Wednesday), two meetings, under the auspices of the International Bible Students Association. Belfast—April 6 (Thursday), meeting under the auspices of the I.B.S.A. Dublin—April 7 (Friday), meeting under the auspices of the


London—April 9 (Sunday), meeting in the "London Tabernacle" at usual hour; night meeting at Royal Albert Hall. April 11 (Tuesday), in "London Tabernacle"; Memorial Supper celebrated at 7 p.m. April 13 (Thursday), take night boat for Lens, France, via Dover-Calais. Lens, France—April 14 (Friday), I.B.S.A., etc. Denain, France—April 15 (Saturday), near Valenciennes; return at night to London. London—April 16 (Sunday), "London Tabernacle," two services. April 23, "London Tabernacle," two services. April 26, depart from London, Waterloo Station, at 9:25 a.m. for Southampton and steamer Kron Prinz Wilhelm, due to arrive at New York May 2. Time will be apportioned to Liverpool, Manchester and sundry other large cities; timely notices will be sent.