[R4771 : page 62]


Beholding heaven's starry blue,
I said, "Dear Lord, I will be true;
Thy will shall be my chief delight,
Clothe me in robe of spotless white."
As I His glorious realm behold,
He beckons me with crown of gold.

"Lord, this is all my heart's desire—
That I may join the heavenly choir
And sing Thy praises evermore,
Whom angels worship and adore.
O guide me to my Father's home,
To sit with Thee upon Thy throne."

"My child wouldst thou this honor gain?
The way is narrow, full of pain,
For he, who shares the throne with me
Must pass through dark Gethsemane;
Must often suffer scorn and loss;
With patience daily bear his cross."

"Yea, gladly Lord, yet not alone,
Since Thou wilt not forsake Thine own
With open face beholding Thee
As in a glass, O let me be
Changed into glory like to Thine
Until I in Thine imagine shine."

Transcending joy! He speaks to bless
In tones of loving tenderness!
"As sweet incense thy prayers arise,
Thy God accepts thy sacrifice,
Though thou art in the furnace proved,
I'll ne'er forsake, nor cease to love.

"Though hard the way and tempest riven,
Meat in due season will be given;
Thy faith and courage thus sustained
Press forward till the goal is gained,
As temple stones both true and tried,
Thy Father loves and owns my Bride."

O love divine! Amazing grace!
I shall behold Him face to face.
Lean on thy well beloved's arm,
My heart, He'll keep thee from all harm,
Bow down in adoration sweet;
Be for the heavenly throng made meet.

"Thy Kingdom come, the earth to bless
With healing, truth, and righteousness,
'Till quick and dead sin-cleansed shall be,
Death swallowed up in victory;
And joyful anthems rend the skies—
The earth restored to paradise.