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"In that day shall there be an altar to the Lord in the midst
of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to
the Lord; and it shall be for a sign and a witness unto
the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt."—Isaiah 19:19,20 .

IT IS a mistake to think of ourselves as more brainy than our forefathers. The fact that we are living in the day of steam-power and electric light, the telegraph, telephone, phonograph, etc., does not prove, as some assume, that we are more brainy than our forefathers. As a matter of fact, very few of us are inventors of anything useful; only here and there have great inventors sprung up, and they tell us that they achieve their greatest success by something akin to sudden inspiration. They stumble upon their inventions, rather than work them out.

Furthermore, our inventions are usually the product of several minds, the suggestions from one proving seed-thoughts for another. The printing press and mail service have been great factors in the distribution of the knowledge of truth throughout the world, enabling one to profit by the thoughts of another. The Bible explains the progress of these days and informs us that it is because we are in the day of God's Preparation—preparation for the Messianic Kingdom and the world-wide blessings which will then prevail.


As a matter of fact, statistics show that our race in most civilized lands is steadily deteriorating. Announcement has recently been made that the hat manufacturers of Great Britain notice that the demand for smaller hats has been increasing and the demand for larger hats decreasing, as shown by their records for years back. The Evolution theory, which is directly opposed to the Bible teaching of man's creation, has helped to give the impression that the wonderful inventions of our day are the result of evolution—that a little way back our forefathers were in a class akin to the monkey.

What are the facts? If we look for poets, where shall we find them? Have we today, in this so-called "Brain Age," any one to match with the poet Shakespeare? or the Psalmist? or Job? According to the Evolution theory, one who lived 3,500 years ago should have been merely an intelligent ape; yet who can read the Law of Moses and not be struck with his intelligence, justice, wisdom and generosity? Well would it be if we, in our civilized times, should copy some of Moses' regulations; that, for instance, of the Jubilee year, in which all property rights reverted to the original owner.


The Great Pyramid of Egypt is one of the evidences of the skill of the ancients, which those of Evolution fame would have us think were mere uneducated monkeys. Today, with our latest machinery, we might possibly duplicate everything in the Great Pyramid, even down to the fine joints between the immense stones. But every thoughtful person examining the Great Pyramid, or reading accounts thereof, must be impressed with the wonderful precision exercised by its builders—a precision supposed to have been impossible for any living prior to our day.

The Pyramid, however, is but another evidence in contradiction of the Evolution theory. No doubt all of our readers have read STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES, Vol. III., the last chapter of which describes the Pyramid and sets forth much of the wonderful symbolic teachings shown in its construction. It shows the Pyramid to be in exact harmony with the Bible. Indeed, some, after reading this volume, have referred to the Great Pyramid as "The Bible in Stone."