[R4824 : page 159]


GLAD ARE WE to report that the Colporteur Work is showing a considerable improvement this year in America. The dear laborers in this part of the Harvest field are taking fresh courage, as we hoped they would. The Swedish field is also yielding good results. We are hoping for fresh enthusiasm in Norway, Denmark, Germany and Great Britain, where there seems to have been a slacking of the hands and a weariness in well-doing and a fainting by the way.

We have every reason to believe that the present year may be one of the best ever known in the harvest work. The religious public are becoming more and more awake to the necessity for some clearer light upon God's Word, and prejudice seems to be giving way to reason, except with a bigoted few, with whom the Lord will have, doubtless, some other way of dealing in his own due time.

The field in Great Britain appears to us as most fertile. We find that the printing and binding there can be done more cheaply still than here. And this means that the British, where times appear to be stringent, can be supplied with cloth-bound Volumes at One Shilling per copy, and the Colporteurs can have them at one-half of this, plus carriage. This extremely low price should greatly augment the circulation of STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES in Great Britain. And the financial stringency there should make the people the more anxious for the reading matter, which will explain to them why creation groans at present and also of the glorious arrangement of the Divine Plan for its relief.

We know of no more important part of the harvest work than that served by the dear Colporteurs. A very large proportion of those now enjoying "Present Truth" have had it thus brought to their notice. In this way many can be reached who could never be reached through the public platform; many who never attend religious services, and yet are hungering for the Truth, have it thus brought to their attention. The wide publication of the sermons seems to be helping to pave the way for the Colporteurs. Many of the unprejudiced purchase at once upon learning that Pastor Russell is the Author of the Books.