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Beloved in the Lord: I drop this note at Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands. I wish you to know of my continued love for you all. We daily remember you and all the dear Israel of God at the Throne of Heavenly Grace, and feel sure you are remembering us. I will report the journey thus far.

We had a delightful day at Pittsburgh, Dec. 4th; about 40 children were consecrated, a church election was held and a discourse was delivered to about 350; the house overflowed.

At St. Louis, Dec. 5th, I had much pleasure in meeting the dear friends, and addressed them for about an hour.

Dallas, Tex., was our next stop—on Dec. 6th. We had quite a nice little convention. Nearly 30 children were consecrated.

San Antonio gave us a hearty greeting on the 7th. We had meetings all day. The interest and spirit were splendid. That class of Bible students seems to be growing steadily, both in numbers and in grace, yet not without trials.

Los Angeles, Cal., was reached in due time for Sunday services, Dec. 10th. A more hearty welcome could not be asked. "Love Divine, all love excelling," seems to be the secret of this class's progress. About 400 were present in the forenoon, and about 2,100 at the afternoon meeting for the public.

Fresno, Cal., we reached for services on the 11th. About 60 of the friends from surrounding country attended during the day, and at the public meeting at night the attendance was about 500. Matters went exceedingly well, considering that there is no Class of I.B.S.A. there.

San Francisco, Cal., was reached on Dec. 12th (or rather Oakland). Good testimonies in the forenoon showed that the classes here are in splendid condition— [R4957 : page 32] apparently faithful and humble. The afternoon meeting was on consecration and the evening meeting on Baptism. At our request no advertising was done, so the attendance of about 300 must have been chiefly interested people. About 26 symbolized their consecration. The session closed with an enjoyable Love Feast. The next day nearly 100 bade us goodby and sang us away on our journey as the steamship Shinyo Maru left dock.

With much love to you—one and all—your brother and servant, C. T. RUSSELL.