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I want to tell you in just a few words how very many blessings our dear Heavenly Father is bestowing on me in the little service I am privileged to render Him. I have been drawn so close to the Lord in my work, and am daily relying more on His help, looking for His leadings, and trusting His providences. It is so blessed to be close to the Master, to see and feel His guiding hand, and realize His presence. How sweet prayer becomes, and how precious the communion with Him!

I have lately made six calls on interested ones, and hope to find more. It seems a mere coincidence, but I know it is God's hand, that when I give my canvass, often not even mentioning the Bible Society (for some are ever alert to prejudice), the first thing I know people take me in and show me the STUDIES, which perchance are in their bookcases. They seem somehow to associate us. Of course, I first draw them out, then I can more wisely, perhaps, make comments. I have three or four parties in mind that I have just found these last two weeks; they have become quite aroused and interested.

We have no large class here, but are served from Dayton, bi-weekly, and meet for study semi-weekly. I shall urge our class to give public meetings, perhaps a series, shortly, for these people want to come.

I can see that all Christians are more or less, even unconsciously, absorbing the Kingdom message, and other co-related matters, as given out by our dear Pastor, no doubt through the sermons and PEOPLES PULPIT distributed. And some are so truth-hungry! They confess themselves that [R4971 : page 55] there is a true famine in the land for the Word of God. I tell you we still have opportunities and find receptive hearts. Praise the Lord!

One peculiar case we have found is a good, intelligent man who has read all six volumes; he reads the Bible continually. (He bought a Bible, Manna and gave a TOWER subscription.) We invited him to class, but he believes the churches have done so much harm that Christians ought to stay apart and not meet in congregations. We will call on him and ask others, especially brethren, to do so.

One dear woman had one first volume of DAWN, and not knowing, even now, that I represented the same Society, confessed that about one or two years ago she ordered the other two volumes of a colporteur, but refused to take them when delivered. She said he was so nice about it, and it has troubled her ever since, so she had to confess to me. He told her he believed some day all would see the Truth. This was evidently Brother Bryant Campbell, who now, we are sure, is with the Lord. He canvassed here at the time, and one Methodist minister persecuted him, and prejudiced the people against him and his work.

I thank you for your kind words of encouragement. The Lord bless you. Pray for me!

Yours in the Harvest work,





With Christian greetings and a prayer of thanksgiving in my heart for this blessed privilege of fellowship, I wish to write to you for a little while. My dear husband wishes to be included in the spirit of this letter.

It is seldom that he and I have the pleasure of meeting our beloved Pastor, so, every once in a while the desire to write you an expression of tender, Christian love becomes so great that the heart will no longer retain it, and out it comes at the end of this pen!

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If, partially, the consequence be an encroachment upon your time, I know you will forgive, as our dear, gracious Heavenly Father does when we make mistakes.

On your return from abroad we cannot greet you as some others who love you, but let this letter convey to you our glad, loving "Welcome home!"

And now, a few words relative to a little matter upon which I shall much appreciate having your opinion:

Twice, recently, I have met friends who are studying the Truth and show every evidence of love for it.

The question of Spiritism arose, and in each case the friend was not acquainted with the truth on this important Bible subject. I inquired, Would you not like the truth about this matter? Receiving an affirmative reply, I told the one—a brother—of the little book on SPIRITISM and he promised to read it, saying his thought had been to have absolutely nothing to do with the subject.

To the other—a sister—I loaned my own book with the same words, that in this "evil day" it is our business to follow what the dear Lord indicates is necessary to our salvation, namely, the putting on of the "whole armor that we may be able to stand" in this particularly evil period.

When next I met her she exclaimed, "O, Sister Erb, I could not read that awful book! I am sure that our Lord will never allow His children to come in contact in any way with anything so unholy as the demons." She quoted, "He will keep them, that that Wicked One touch them not."

I have thought that possibly others are in doubt upon this subject so pregnant with awful possibilities—some, perhaps, who have recently embraced the true faith—and that a word of emphasis from yourself with respect to giving attention to the truth regarding Spiritism would be a help to them.

With one more prayer now, added to the many I have offered at the Throne of Heavenly Grace on your behalf, I will close, hoping before very long to meet and greet you face to face.

Your sister, by the grace of our dear Heavenly Father and through our dear Redeemer,