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Question.—Can any of the Great Company become members of the Restitution class?

Answer.—We understand that the terms under which any are begotten of the Holy Spirit are that they renounce, give up, the human nature. When God accepts their consecration and takes such into Covenant relationship with Himself, He indicates that relationship by begetting them of the Holy Spirit. The only class into which these can come for future life is that of spirit or heavenly beings. If they live up to all the terms and conditions of their sacrifice, then they will have the very fullest blessing which God has provided for the loyal and to which He has called them. But for those who fail to live up to the highest standard—that of walking in the footsteps of Jesus—the arrangement seems to be that they shall at least prove themselves loyal, even if not to the same degree as their brethren.

This loyalty will be tested in the great time of trouble through which the Great Company will go. Then if they fail to prove their loyalty, apparently they will lose that life in the Second Death. But if they give up the earthly life and manifest loyalty to the Lord, even though they may never give it up willingly, but merely when brought to straits, then they will have life on the spirit plane.

The merit of Christ, which has been under embargo, as it were, must all be released before the Restitution work can begin. In other words, the Little Flock must have been "changed" and the Great Company must have suffered destruction of the flesh, before the merit can again be free in the hands of Justice, ready to be given to the world in Restitution.

Therefore, our answer would be, We cannot expect the Spirit-begotten ones to pass through the time of trouble in the end of this Age and to live on during the Millennial Age; for they belong to the Church of the First-borns, all of whom must be born before the after-borns can be brought forth. The after-borns will be the world in the Restitution.



Question.—Are Fifth Sunday Conventions advantageous?

Answer.—We are perplexed how to answer this question, and must leave the answering of it to each Class for itself, without any particular advice even. From some we have heard good reports with blessings secured. From others we have had reports to the contrary. Those who have had practical experience with these Conventions should decide for themselves. We have had no experience in this direction.



Question.—How should the WATCH TOWER readers treat "The Menace?"

Answer.—This is a free country and everyone has a right to follow that course which he believes will be most to the Lord's glory and most to the advancement and the good of his fellow-men. The Editor of "The Menace" is merely exercising his rights. As for the WATCH TOWER, it pursues a different course without criticizing others. Perhaps the Lord may have a work for "The Menace" for all we know. Our judgment is that His work for us is in a different direction and we exhort all the WATCH TOWER readers to reserve all their might and physical strength for the promulgation of the Truth as the Lord has been granting us to see it within the last forty years in the WATCH TOWER. It is our mission to preach the Word—the Gospel of the Kingdom. We cannot do all that we would in this direction, and hence have no time to devote to other matters, political, social, etc.