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PASTOR RUSSELL:—May I write you my joyful experience in which our dear Father so clearly used you and a tract.

In 1879 I joined a church in a small town where the religious atmosphere seemed to be good. After some years I moved to a city and at once I identified myself with the church there. I soon noticed the absence of the simplicity of religion, and the prevalence of form and ceremony, including many kinds of entertainments to raise money. I grew dissatisfied; and though still loyal to the creed, I only attended the services intermittently.

Last August while homeward bound on the car I sat beside a lady who quietly handed me a folded PEOPLES PULPIT asking me that I read it and pass it on to others. Simply because her quiet manner attracted me I said "Yes." I did not think of the paper for several days and then felt too busy to take the time. This occurred several times until finally I remembered my promise to the woman and read the article "Where are the Dead" aloud to my companion.

Finding the STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES advertised therein she purchased them for me as a present.

From the beginning our hearts and minds accepted all from cover to cover, because the Bible was clearly proving them. Oh, the years of heart hunger; and never to have heard of the STUDIES nor the Truth!

Later in the Spring we heard you in Boston and Malden.

I now have all the STUDIES, BEREAN NOTES, WATCH TOWER, etc. Truly much has come to us in one year—the satisfying of the longing of a lifetime. May the dear Father abundantly bless "the faithful steward"; and the dear unknown sister in the Truth who first gave me the PULPIT. In her longing to help one she helped two; and I anxiously give out PULPITS to others, as she asked, "pass it on." This at present seems all I can do.

I gladly and prayerfully take the Vow trusting to the Father's sustaining grace to keep it.