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I am writing you a few lines to tell you I am one happy man now.

My wife bought the first three volumes of STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES and read them and proved them to be Bible Truth. She wanted to read them to me, but I would not listen to it. I had been converted, but had lost all faith in so-called preachers, that claimed to be called of God, and I believed you to be a false prophet. The Light had almost gone out of my heart, and I told my wife I did not want your stuff in my house.

As the time went on I was like a mad man. At last I went with my wife to the class, still believing they were deceived and deceiving us; but they told me you were just pointing out the Bible Truths to us. I had persecuted them, but God soon melted my hard heart and I repented of my past sins and made it right with my brethren. Now we are dwelling together in unity and Love.

I feel I have also persecuted you, for which I am very sorry and ask your pardon. When "one member suffers all suffer with it"; and, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of these, ye have done it unto Me," says our Lord. So this has troubled me, and I want to stand clear before God. I may never see you in the flesh, but expect to meet you when we pass beyond the veil.

Will close, waiting at the Bar for Pardon. May God's Love and blessing be with you now and forever.

Ever your brother and co-laborer in the Harvest Work,




I cannot hope to express much of my gratitude to the Lord or much of my regard for you, as the channel through which He has so wonderfully blessed me, with light and knowledge and peace such as I never thought to possess.

For ten years an officer in the Salvation Army, engaged in "Rescue" work, my heart has been terribly burdened, not only with my own inability to live up to the Divine standard, but also with the apparently hopeless condition of others less favored than myself.

Dissatisfied for a long time, and having lost almost all faith in God and in the Bible, I did not know what to do or what to believe. In my extremity I continued to pray like this: "O God (if there is any God) help me! Help me now ! Send me a little light (if there is any light). Let me know what is the truth—the truth (if anything is true)." And in His infinite Love, He answered that prayer, by sending me the STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES. Since that time the language of my heart is expressed exactly in the words of the hymn, beginning—"My life flows on, in endless song."

I made the Vow my own some months ago. How glad I am of anything that helps me to carry out my consecration vows. Your sister by His Grace, M. STROUD.



We think it proper to write you, to tell you we have taken the Vow, and to tell you of the many blessings we enjoy as a result of your labors as the Lord's honored servant.

Three years ago, by the Lord's arrangement, we commenced reading Vol. I, STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES, finding it gave us a view of God's character and Plan that enabled us to "comprehend with all saints the height and depth and length and breadth of the Love of God." We were attracted and drawn onward to feast more and more on the Truth.

Before then we were Socialists, full of discontent. How thankful we are that we were unable to buy the books that we then so much desired, for these very writings would no doubt have only ensnared us more, by leading into Evolution, Higher Criticism, etc.

We pray the Lord's continued blessing upon you and all the dear friends, having much comfort because of our share of interest in the prayers of all the Lord's people.