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I was very grateful to you for your kindness in answering my letter in reference to the gift of the Holy Spirit. I reread the pages you referred to in the "ATONEMENT BETWEEN GOD AND MAN," and that, coupled with the misunderstanding of the Scriptures by the teachers in the so-called Pentecostal Movement, finally convinced me that their leading could not be of God.

I was introduced to them last spring by a very earnest Christian, and three weeks after, I received what they term the baptism of the Holy Spirit. So you know without my going into details the conflict I have been through, and the difficulty to become convinced it was not of God, and the great fear that came over me, that if I denounced it I should commit the unforgivable sin.

I feel deeply grateful to my dear Heavenly Father that He has lead you to consecrate your time and ability to His service in so diligently searching and successfully finding a clearer interpretation of the Scriptures than has been given for so many centuries, and letting the light revealed to you shine forth so brightly to others. It has saved me from groping on in the terrible spiritual darkness that is now entrapping so many earnest Christians.

May you, like Brother Paul, fight the good fight to the end. Persecution, both secular and religious, will follow, as it did in the time of our Lord and the Apostles, the latter being bitter, even unto the taking of their lives. With best wishes, dear Brother Russell, and the prayer that you may be richly blessed in the Harvest work of gathering in the "wheat," I remain, Yours by His grace,