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IN furtherance of plans for introducing the PHOTO-DRAMA in Europe, the Editor, accompanied by three trained operators, left New York on the S.S. Lusitania, May 19th, several friends joining the party. Our arrival in London was in good season for the London Convention at Whitsuntide. The three days at the Convention proved very interesting and profitable. All the sessions were held in the London Opera House, the largest attendance being two thousand. The various features of God's great Plan were set forth by seventeen speakers. The Convention adjourned with a Love Feast, in which nearly two thousand participated. This was freely declared to be the most enjoyable Convention ever held in Europe. The Lord was with His people, blessing, refreshing, strengthening us. One hundred and twenty-four witnessed by water immersion their full consecration to the Lord even unto death.

Meantime, preparations for the DRAMA were in progress. A school was started for giving finishing instructions to Brethren who had already gained a considerable knowledge of cinematograph operation—to acquaint them with the special features appertaining to the PHOTO-DRAMA OF CREATION. A Scottish class and two English classes were promptly started, totaling fifteen fine young men consecrated and eager for service. A lesson or two demonstrated that they will speedily be very efficient. Meantime another class of five will be trained as soon as the work shall seem to call for their services. Delegations from France, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland came to London to arrange for the DRAMA in their several home lands and to gain information respecting its operation and the necessary steps of preparation. It is our hope that July will witness the presentation of the DRAMA in all those countries. The friends seem very keen and the prospects favorable.

A favorable start with the DRAMA was made at the Princess Theatre, London, on Sunday, June 14th, on which day about twenty-two hundred were in attendance. The DRAMA is to continue every afternoon and evening for a month. Further showings in London are probable, but what they will be depends considerably upon the Lord's providence and the zeal of the local friends. All seemed greatly pleased with the two parts of the DRAMA exhibited prior to our departure, June 20th. We believe that in Europe, as in the United States, the public will be greatly interested and profited by this, the latest method of writing the Divine measurement, or plan, upon tables—the Gospel being pictured at the same time that it is explained by our very wonderful talking machine arrangements and our free Scenario.

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Arrangements for various cities in Great Britain were in progress when we left. In Glasgow the DRAMA was to open on the very next day, June 21st, in St. Andrew's Hall, the largest Auditorium of that city. We have no doubt that the Lord's blessing upon the energy of the Brethren there will make the presentation a success—profitable to many.

Leaving the operators to install the DRAMA in Great Britain, Scandinavia, Germany, France and Switzerland, in co-operation with the Society's Branches in those countries, we began our homeward journey June 20th, on the S.S. Aquitania. A remarkably quiet and pleasant journey brought us to the home land in good season for the Conventions at Asbury Park, N.J.; Columbus, Ohio, and Clinton, Iowa.

The Editor was both encouraged and continually inspired and refreshed by his contact with the Brethren in and from the various parts of the world. It is helpful to note the spirit of loyalty to the Lord and His Word—the spirit of devotion continuing for months and years. The Spirit manifested is the same everywhere—the spirit of love and zeal—the Holy Spirit. The reason for this manifestation is explained by the Apostle's words, "We are all baptized by the one Spirit into one Body"—Christ.