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READ over several times our explanation of this proposition in August 1 WATCH TOWER. We have stated matters there carefully and as clearly as we know how. With each outfit goes an Instructor's Book and a letter giving general explanations of how the DRAMA should be presented. But we would not recommend any to undertake the operation of a stereopticon who has not already some conception of how it should be operated. No fewer than two could operate the DRAMA—one taking care of the phonograph, the other operating the stereopticon. A third person would be desirable as a general overseer, usher, helper, literature-distributer, etc. This EUREKA DRAMA preaching gives the Sisters an exceptional opportunity. The Y Eureka might be a little too heavy for them to carry, but any could manage the X Eureka.

We regret the necessity for emphasizing the fact that the full amount stipulated must accompany your order. Only by purchasing for cash can we secure the prices named.

We describe One Part as follows:—

A box of tinted stereopticon slides, encased in a fibre carrying case with handle, 26 inches long, 7 inches wide, 7 inches high, weight, 35 lbs.

One carrying case, with handle, for phonograph and its records and two operator's books, 26 inches long, 9 inches wide, 13 inches high, weight, 40 lbs.

One metal carrying case, with handle, containing stereopticon, 18 inches long, 7 inches wide, 12 inches high, weight, 22 lbs.

One fibre case, with handle, containing rheostat, 10 inches long, 9 inches wide, 7 inches high, weight, 12 lbs.

The screen on which the pictures would be shown you can prepare as cheaply as we. For a small room and small pictures a good, large bed-sheet will do. But it would be well to provide at the start a screen about 13-1/2 feet by 15 feet. This will mean 10 yards of wide sheeting and would require only one seam lengthwise through the center and a hem at each end. We can supply these with the outfit for $3.50 extra.

Rarely would there be need for taking more than one section of the DRAMA (the above four cases) at one time. But if for any reason you desired to take two, it would mean twice the above. Or if you took the entire three sections, the packages would be three times as many.

When you send in your order with the Express or Post Office money order, there will be no mistake as to whether you wish the outfit on the loan plan or on the purchase plan. At the same time specify, please, the State in which you will be working, and the County whose small towns and villages you propose to thoroughly work.

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Some inform us that they have stereopticons that will serve their purposes, and wish merely to purchase the remainder of the outfit. Such should indicate this in their order and deduct accordingly from the amount. See itemized statement in last issue.

You have never seen or heard our new portable Phonograph. It is very small and light, but powerful. Our records will fill large Court Rooms. Some write us that they have suitable phonographs. We advise, however, that our portable phonograph is so cheap ($8.00) that you would best have it and leave the other for the family or sell it.

EUREKA DRAMAS sent out on the loan plan must go just as we are preparing them, so as to have uniformity. This means a phonograph and a stereopticon with each Part and implies the promise that the Three Parts will be kept busy.

Those who purchase outright may, if they choose, take only one stereopticon and only one phonograph, deducting $8.00 each for the phonographs and $20.00 each for the stereopticons and $6.00 each for the rheostats and $4.00 each for the Acetylene burners not desired.

Some write us desiring the DRAMA records and musical records only. We are pleased to supply these at the prices mentioned in our last issue with the phonograph, or at $8.00 less if the phonograph is not desired. Any [R5524 : page 254] preferring can order their discs direct from the Columbia Graphophone Co.

You will have the privilege of giving away the free scenario, or of selling the paper-bound and cloth-bound scenario at regular prices—purchasing from us at half price, plus postage or freight. You may handle STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES similarly.

Nothing that we have written on this subject should be understood as intimating that this DRAMA EXTENSION would be a profitable business—nor that anybody should engage in it to the neglect of his or her family duties; nor would it be necessary for those engaging in this work to give it their entire time. Some might be able to give their Sundays, others some week nights, and some both. Of course, some may be so situated that they can give this work their entire time.

We are not recommending this DRAMA EXTENSION work to successful colporteurs. We believe that they already have and are using one of the best methods we know of for serving the Truth, and feeding the hungry sheep.

Brethren not heretofore engaged in Class Extension, here have a chance. Also their wives or natural sisters. If unmarried Sisters engage at all extreme care should be exercised that strict decorum and proper Christian dignity be always observed. Preferably only persons professing full consecration to God, and who have taken the Vow, should participate in any way.

We have not proposed furnishing moving pictures for five reasons: (1) Our films are too costly. (2) Only experienced persons can operate them. (3) We are arranging to have full DRAMA shown in the smallest places having Motion Picture Theatres. (4) The Class Extension DRAMAS will be kept busy serving villages of under 1000 population. (5) These usually have School Houses or Union Church Houses obtainable free.

We hope to have reports from all these EUREKA DRAMAS weekly. Please make them out Mondays. Address I.B.S.A., EUREKA DRAMA, 17 Hicks Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.


Any of our readers desiring to purchase for his own use the full set of 96 DRAMA lectures (three PARTS, two hours each) with nine choice introductory, intermission and closing hymns and a portable phonograph, with a carrying case, can have the entire outfit for ......................................... $38.50


This outfit is the one especially intended for the DRAMA EXTENSION described foregoing. Its three PARTS require only the same number of lecture and music records as foregoing; but, because of public use, each PART must have its own Phonograph, each PART its own Stereopticon, etc. We therefore show each PART complete in itself, as follows:

PART I. includes one Primo Stereopticon for electric current—Oneida Lens (three for varying distances); special price ............................................. $20.00

Variable Rheostat (five amp., ten amp., or fifteen amp.) may be effective for house current or for heavy current arc lights .................................. 6.00

Attachment for Acetylene Gas or Presto Light (useful in places where there is no electric current, but where gas can be taken from an automobile tank) ........... 4.00

DRAMA stereopticon slides, beautifully tinted, with special carrying box and carrying case ............................ 38.00

One portable Phonograph, one Operator's Book, Lecture and Hymn Records for PART I., and carrying case ........... 19.50


Total cost of PART I., "EUREKA DRAMA," No. Y ............... $87.50

Additional would be the expressage from Brooklyn.

The Society would furnish posters, window-cards and free scenario, and would supply the bound scenario for sale in any quantity at one-half retail prices.

PARTS II. and III. would cost exactly the same as the above, the entire THREE PARTS amounting to ................$262.50

With only one Stereopticon, one Rheostat, one Acetylene burner and one Phonograph, $185.00. Expressage from Brooklyn extra.