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I arrived home safe Friday afternoon after a somewhat adventuresome journey.

At Yarmouth, I had an interesting experience. I was talking with two young women from Annapolis, when a young minister with whom they were acquainted came up, and they introduced me. Noticing my pin, he said in a rather challenging tone, "You are a Russellite?" "Yes," I said, "I am a Bible Student; and you are an Evolutionist." "Yes," he said. I then said, "I am glad to meet you. I have been wanting to hear the Evolution doctrine from a real Evolutionist."

He then proceeded to explain Evolution. I then asked him where people would evolve to after death. He said the soul kept on evolving. I asked him where men got their souls if these were the outcome of Evolution, and monkeys did not have any. He replied that surely God could impart to each man a soul. He gave me a pamphlet on Evolution by Dr. Elliot, and I gave him my WATCH TOWER to read.

When I had finished, he asked what I thought of it. I said, "I think it is very good for a man's idea, but he has no proof that it is correct—nothing at all to back it up, no proof of any kind. Now, I can prove everything I believe by the Bible."

Then the minister said, "But the Bible is self-contradictory; and what proofs have you that it is correct?"

"No," I said, "the Bible is not contradictory when you understand it; but it is the most harmonious and logical book ever written. Any one merely reading it must admit that it could not be written by man."

He finally promised to read some of the STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES, which he told me he had in his home.

May the Lord's blessing be with you and all the dear Bethel family.

Your Sister in Christ, STELLA H. WATERMAN.

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Greetings in the name of the Lord, and may Grace, Peace and Mercy be multiplied unto you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ!

As a constant reader of THE WATCH TOWER for twelve years, with ever-increasing interest and appreciation, words fail to express the grand blessings I have received through the teachings of its columns. For this I rejoice and am indeed thankful. Nevertheless, during this time I have deeply regretted to observe that the specially interesting points in which THE TOWER abounds were not more generally discussed among the brethren. I also noted that many of the dear friends, no doubt in their eagerness over the "new TOWER" which is so greatly appreciated, read them hurriedly and fail to assimilate many of the most precious points. Many do so with the thought of re-reading them more carefully later, but often fail to do so before the arrival of another TOWER.

I am glad to note that recently, this is largely being overcome, in one instance, at least, by a suggestion from the San Francisco Board of Elders and Deacons. A meeting for the discussion of these interesting points in THE TOWER was arranged, and they are now being discussed during luncheon Sunday evenings. All are asked to read their TOWERS critically, noting the special points of interest and underscoring them. At the table the leader cites each article separately and the friends read the points they have underscored, in their proper order, with a brief comment. Some of the most important ones are then thrown open to the Class for discussion. This, I believe, is very helpful and stimulates a critical reading.

Thanking you again for the columns of THE WATCH TOWER and your continued labor of love, I remain with prayers for our dear Master's continued blessing and guidance, in which Sr. A. joins, Your brother in the Lord, W. E. ABBOTT.—Calif.