[R5907 : page 165]


"Thine eyes shall see the King! The very same
Whose love shone forth upon the curseful tree,
Who bore thy guilt, who calleth thee by name;
Thine eyes shall see!

"Thine eyes shall see the King! The Mighty One,
The Many-crowned, the Light-enrobed; and He
Shall bid thee share the Kingdom He hath won;
Thine eyes shall see!

"And in His beauty! Stay thee, mortal song,
The 'altogether lovely' One must be
Unspeakable in glory—yet ere long
Thine eyes shall see!

"Yes! though the land be 'very far' away,
A step, a moment, ends the toil for thee;
Then changing grief for gladness, night for day,
Thine eyes shall see!"