[R5921 : page 206]


A LETTER has just been received from Wellington, New Zealand, saying that one of the Bible Students of that vicinity, fourteen years old, had been imprisoned for refusing to register for military service because of religious objection to participation in war in any sense of the word. He was permitted to come out of his prison to partake of the Memorial Supper, April 16th, and then returned [R5922 : page 206] to prison. It seems very remarkable the hold that militarism is gaining on the whole world.

Word comes to us from England that some of the Bible Students there were ordered to report for military duty. These registered their objection, but were refused immunity from service—receiving, however, the assurance that they would be put in non-combatant positions in the war. This promise was afterward neglected, and they were put into regular service at once. We are not to forget that practically all the world is claiming to be Christ's Kingdom, and yet that any who seek to follow the Words of Jesus seem to be thoroughly disrespected and hated of all men and all nations. What a proof we have here that Messiah's Kingdom is future! How glad we are that it is nigh, even at the door!