[R5960 : page 285]


THE Niagara Falls Convention was the most successful one of the year thus far—in respect to numbers in attendance. At the opening about seven hundred Bible students gathered and by Sunday the number had increased to fifteen hundred. A very cheap excursion rate granted on several of the railroads no doubt contributed greatly to these results.

Spiritually we cannot say that it was better than others, for it would be difficult to imagine seasons of greater spiritual refreshment than were enjoyed at St. Louis, Mo.; Sioux City, Iowa; Newport, R.I.; Norfolk, Va., and Portland, Me. We can say, however, that the dear friends who were present at Niagara Falls manifested a beautiful spirit, and so far as we could judge from what we could see this Convention was rich in spiritual encouragement and refreshment to each one present.

The Sunday afternoon meeting had a capacity house, one-half of the number being Bible students, the others being from the public. The Bible students, who would have filled the house to its capacity, gave way to the public. The interest was splendid in every way, and the Convention will long be remembered. Seventy-five symbolized their baptism into Christ by water immersion. The influence of this Convention will be far-reaching.

The Nashville, Tennessee, Convention was a most delightful one, but disappointingly small as respects attendance. [R5960 : page 286] Some may have feared the heat; but Providence favored us with most delightful weather—considerably cooler than that experienced at Niagara Falls. The attendance would not be estimated above three hundred. They were all very happy and seemed to greatly enjoy the presentation of the Truth to which they listened. Twenty-one were immersed in water.

The meeting for the public was addressed by Brother Russell, and had an attendance of two thousand; considerable interest was manifested.

Nashville gave the PHOTO-DRAMA OF CREATION a very hearty welcome, the average attendance at all meetings being about twenty-five hundred. Eight hundred cards were handed in requesting reading matter.