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The Boston Class of Bible Students were greatly shocked when the news came over the wire telling of our beloved Pastor's death, or home-going. We felt such a sadness and loneliness; yet our hearts rejoiced to know that our dearly beloved Brother had been changed from the human to the Divine nature; that his has been the blessed privilege of entering into the presence of the King of Kings, even into Heaven itself. Yes; how blessed! He has gone to be forever with the Lord. We keenly feel our loss. He whom God had been pleased to use as our light-bringer and comforter can no longer give personal words of comfort and advice. Yet, by Divine Providence, so much has come to us from his pen we feel the store-house has been left filled with food; and our desire is to partake of this provision, doing our part in telling out the Gospel message, which is good tidings of great joy, and which [R6010 : page 371] shall, thank God, in due time be known by all people.

A special meeting of the Boston Church was called almost immediately, and from four to five hundred quickly came together. Resolutions were unanimously passed, expressing our sincere Christian love and sympathy for all the bereaved ones throughout the world, and in a special way to the dear Bethel Family and Tabernacle workers. All were commended to God for His special care and blessing. The words of the Apostle comfort us: "My God shall supply all of your need, according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

As a personal testimony, I wish to state that it has been my privilege to travel with our dear Brother Russell for days, weeks and months at a time, both in America and during his journey around the world. My greatest impressions were, how implicitly he trusted the Lord in everything! Whether on train, steamboat or at hotel, before taking up the day's work, he would kneel and ask God's blessing and help. We shall never forget his ceaseless and untiring love for all the Church, ever trying to enlighten and comfort them, even laying down his life for the brethren when his body was worn and racked with pain. He would never murmur nor complain, but would say, "We have it so much easier than did the Apostles and our dear Lord." WHAT AN EXAMPLE HE HAS LEFT US! Truly he has earned the victor's Crown!