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Zion's Watch Tower








No. 151 Robinson St., Allegheny, Pa.



DOMESTIC,—Fifty cents a year, in advance, by Draft, P.O. Money Order, or Registered letter.

FOREIGN,—Two shillings per year. Remit by Foreign Postal Money Order.


This paper will be sent free to the interested of the Lord's poor, who will send a card yearly requesting it. "Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters; and he that hath no money, come ye, buy and eat—yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price." And you who have it—"Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? and your labor for that which satisfieth not? Hearken diligently—and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness."

ISAIAH 55:1,2.


Entered as SECOND CLASS MAIL MATTER, at the P.O., Allegheny, Pa.




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Liberia, West Coast of Africa.

DEAR BROTHER IN CHRIST:—I am glad to advise you of our compliance with the request of the heathen chief at Gramay, referred to in my letter to you, as the one who had sent for us to baptize him. On Sunday Brothers Brunot, Brown, Clark and myself went down to the appointed place on the beach.

Instead of one candidate, we found two ready to outwardly symbolize their union with the Lord by immersion. These we examined as to their faith in Christ's death as their redemption-price, and found fit subjects for baptism into his name, and immersed them into the name of Christ, in the presence of the whole town-people who came out to witness the ceremony.

The baptized having changed their dresses, we had a divine service in the open air, and I preached to the congregation from John 3:16; and Rom. 6:3,4. After which Brother Bruno spoke—indorsing and confirming the sermon, which we hoped had made a lasting impression upon the people.

Having made the two converts, we, after the manner of the apostles, resolved to hold weekly service here, in order to feed our "new born babes" in Christ who desire and need the sincere milk of the Word that they may grow thereby.—1 Cor. 3:1; 1 Pet. 2:2.

Before leaving the town, we had a strong assurance from the people that ere long we will be called upon to baptize more people therein. May the good Lord give us grace to be faithful in the harvest work for his own glory, and crown our feeble efforts with such success as will most honor him.

Yours in Christ's service, S. W. SETON.


TOWER TRACT SOCIETY:—I am entirely unable to express my gratitude for the help received from you since first I saw a copy of ZION'S WATCH TOWER. I have been receiving the TOWER, etc., by your generosity since 1887. I find great satisfaction in reading it, although unable to pay for it. I wish I were able to materialize my gratitude into dollars.

Not long ago I received a book entitled "The Time is at Hand." My feelings will never be expressed. I lifted my heart in prayer to God that he might reward and bless his servants and instruments, the givers. Later I received a tract called "The Old Theology," treating on a subject which has given me more trouble than all my afflictions and other troubles beside—"Do the Scriptures Teach that Eternal Torment is the Wages of Sin?"

I am so glad to know that God is too good to create or permit such a terrible place as some describe hell to be.

I don't like to beg, but if you feel disposed to send me anything to read, it will be thankfully received, and it may be, by and by, you will be rewarded by me. You will be, if I should get so I can work. I don't know what to do! I seem to be almost alone, as people here can't see things as I now do. I have been compelled to withdraw from the M.P. church, as their doctrine and traditions seemed so adverse to Bible teaching.

Again I say, God bless you in your labor of Love. I am gratefully yours,

S. C. J__________.

Bay View.

DEAR FRIENDS:—Your book, MILLENNIAL DAWN, was given me to read by our friend, Mr. Barnes. After reading once and proving it, as I went along, I had no peace of mind until I read it the second time. The light began to come with the first reading, but I began to shrink from the sacrifice, and then Satan took his chance to torment and tempt me, saying, It is well enough to read the book but it is not necessary to give up your church. Shut your eyes and ears when they preach doctrine contrary to what you now think true. I let the book alone and went to church as usual, when I could, but I was not satisfied. I then said, I will ask my Savior to guide me and show me the way so plainly I could not go astray, and, thank God, my eyes were opened and I commenced to read the book over, and it seemed to me I was so rejoiced, I wanted to send the glad tidings to everybody. I am reading the second volume and am ready to give up everything for my Savior. I ask him to guide me into all truth. I do not get much time to read or write, but thought, after the little ones were asleep, I must at least try to let you know, and to subscribe for the TOWER. I had hoped to send for the Diaglott as well, but I must wait a little while longer for it. I enclose money for the TOWER; for the balance please send some Old Theology Tracts. Wishing you joy in the service of the Master, I am Your Friend,

Mrs. E. C__________.

Allegan, Mich.

DEAR BROTHER IN CHRIST:—I have read with pleasure MILLENNIAL DAWN, Vols. I. and II. When I began to read Vol. I. it was through mere curiosity. I was prejudiced against your writings before I read them, because I well knew then, as I also know now, that the world is being flooded with worthless writings of sectarians, to build up some fence to separate the freeborn children of God; but, thank God, I found it not so in the DAWN, but the reverse. I found it to be true. Thank God that I read DAWN, Vol. I. It created a thirsting for the second volume, which I received and read with pleasure. It has, indeed, been food to me. I have believed and preached much of the doctrine contained in DAWN for the last twelve years, and now I feel strengthened to go on telling the good tidings of the wonderful things that will shortly take place. I am glad to read in the WATCH TOWER of so many coming out of Babylon. Enclosed find 25 cents [page 8] for another copy of DAWN, Vol. II., paper covered, for a friend.

Your brother in Christ, S. S__________.


GENTLEMEN:—By the kindness of a friend a volume, entitled MILLENNIAL DAWN, was handed to me. I have carefully read it three times; and I am much, very much, pleased with its contents. They meet my preconceived ideas, from my many years of study of God's Word. Raised by Roman Catholic parents and educated in that religion with a design to the ministry, I with God's help read myself out of it. But for 35 years I have been like Noah's dove. Sects confused my mind and infidelity offered no cure. So I have tried to live the true life outside of them all.

I would like to have more light; but I am poor in this world's goods, but thankful that you remember the poor, as the true follower of the Lord always does. I, therefore, address you in hopes to receive more light at your hands. Will you kindly send me the second volume of MILLENNIAL DAWN, also any tracts or papers you think good for me or others to read.

I have for many years held forth the Word in my own weak way, but with no organization to back me, and found it hard, uphill work. Thank God for help in your publications.

Hoping to hear from you soon, I subscribe myself yours truly in the one hope of Eternal Life, J. H. DONNELON.


DEAR FRIENDS:—I have been very much strengthened and encouraged by the clear, pointed and abundant evidence which DAWN, Vol. II., discloses of Christ's presence and the final end of Gentile times and the setting up of Christ's kingdom. O what a stimulant to faithfulness when we can see the preparations going on all around us for the ushering in of that glad day. While the time in some sense looks long, yet I believe that the industrious faithful-ones will find intervening time well filled up with the unfolding of truth and light of the dawning Day, so as to be continually feasted and refreshed. Seeing what we do, we may well lift up our heads and rejoice and be glad, not only that we shall be so greatly blessed, but that the whole groaning creation shall also be blessed at that Day.

I am reading Vol. II. through the third time. The opposition and trial I daily meet with, both at home, in my own house, and in the world, is no less bitter and determined, yet I rejoice greatly that my strength to bear them is increasing. I believe, as you say, after awhile we will be made fire-proof, and this we are to some extent already through prayer. That your usefulness in feeding the little flock may be continued to the end, I am yours in the truth and light of those lively hopes.


P.S. Enclosed I send you $3 to apply in keeping my subscription good for TOWER—balance for tract fund. A. B. P.

A Brother in the Lord, whom Brother Adamson was largely instrumental in interesting in the Truth and in its service, writes to him as follows of his new experience as a colporteur, with DAWN. Just as he was starting out he suffered earthly loss in the great conflagration which destroyed the town of Spokane Falls, W.T.

DEAR BROTHER ADAMSON:—Your kind postal came to us in due time, but while in a state of much confusion, on account of the fire at Spokane. You will not be surprised, if I should tell you that every dollar I have been able to save since I met you in Indianapolis has gone up in smoke. Our loss in dollars, as best we could foot it up, is $840. No insurance.

We will say no more about this now, as, doubtless, you wish to know what we are doing. I say we, Mrs. H. and myself, for she is with me, preferring to share the pleasures and displeasures to which we are subjected. We have not been altogether idle, but, that we are in the harvest now, bless the Lord. We arrived here a few days ago, equipped with all the armor which our Father in his infinite goodness has seen fit to give us, and with hearts full of love to our blessed Savior and our fellow-creatures. We put out Arp slips a part of two days, going out Saturday with DAWNS, rather timid at first, but taking fresh courage as we went from house to house, Mrs. H. taking one side of the street and I the other. You would be encouraged to see with what vim and cheerfulness she goes about the work, which we followed closely all day, working about 8 hours, and selling 22 DAWNS. Very tired at night, this being the first. Becoming acquainted with the Pastor of the United Brethren Church, I was asked to preach for them. Accepting the invitation, I did so in the evening (Sunday), to a very attentive audience, the announcement having been given out at morning service. This was my first sermon from an orthodox pulpit. I will preach on next Sunday, at 3 P.M., to the prisoners at the State Prison, God willing. This may not reach you by that time; however, let your prayers be that the good seed sown may bring forth an hundred fold. May we have your daily prayers for God's blessing upon our weak efforts in the work out here. Monday, the 14th inst., not working all day, sold 33 DAWNS, making 55 sold, leaving 45 on hand. Thus you see we shall soon be out of DAWNS, so we order 200 more to this place, sending to the Tower Publishing Co. money for these and for two TOWER subscriptions.

Mrs. H. is very much delighted with traveling and selling DAWNS. Our little girl, Georgia, is at Corvalis, Oregon, going to school, and we are free from the common hindrances of this life, and thank God for his kind providence. We are at work selling DAWN and talking of the truth as we have opportunity.

I have many things to ask you, but can not worry you any longer. Mrs. H. joins in love to Mrs. A. and yourself. Write as you have opportunity.

Yours in Christian Fellowship and Work, H. H. HYATT.


DEAR BRO. RUSSELL:—Until the glad tidings came to me through DAWN, doubt and unbelief held sway. I could never reconcile God's Word and love with orthodox teachings, and consequently was groping in darkness. After a careful reading and study of The Plan of the Ages, I am convinced that it is the key to the proper interpretation of the Scriptures. Harmony could never prevail to the extent it does, unless truth were the foundation. My whole nature has been changed in reference to the future, and I can now serve God through love, without a fear that when I am laid away I will be consigned to eternal torment. I now see clearly that God has something grand in store—an accumulation of six thousand years of work, all for the benefit of our race during the next thousand. What a glorious time the Millennium will bring to those who want to be saved.

I enclose an order to the TOWER CO. for fifteen copies each of DAWN, Volumes I. and II., which I want for friends and neighbors.

Yours in hope, C. W. W__________.


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These tracts are published quarterly, at a very low price, by the Tower Tract Society. They are designed for general circulation among Christian people. They are on live topics, calculated to awaken interest in the study of God's Word and plan.

All of God's children, interested, are welcome to assist in this work in any way they may choose. These as pebbles from the brook may do more sometimes in the hands of God's faithful than can greater institutions. (1 Sam. 17:40.) Let this "hail" be freely scattered—not to injure but to liberate and bless God's people and to bring them out of the short beds of human tradition, whose narrow hopes expose them ever to the chills of fear and hinder true rest and confidence and trust. (Isa. 28:19-21.) These tracts we believe are helping many, delivering them from the torment of fear (which must be "a vexation unto them, until He shall make them to understand doctrine") into the light and liberty and love of a fuller appreciation of their Father's character and plan.


No. 1—Do the Scriptures Teach that Eternal Torment is the Wages of Sin? No. 2—Calamities,—Why God Permits Them. No. 3—Protestants, Awake!—How Priestcraft Now Operates.


For terms see second page of each tract.

* * *

The Tract Society offers as follows:—It will supply five tracts, quarterly, free, to each of the Lord's Poor of the Watch Tower List, or one tract, quarterly, to any poor person who may write mentioning this offer.

* * *

The Tract Society also offers to employ


to sell these Tracts. They may sell them at the popular price of one cent each, at which rate hundreds can be sold everywhere—in depots, stores, street-cars and at the door-step. For use in this particular way, the tracts will be supplied 50 assorted for 25 cents. This will enable and encourage many little ones to spread the truth. Trial Packs (of 10 tracts) will be supplied for 5 cents. And any child who has not the money may have one trial pack on credit.





This work is specially designed to make plain the divine plan. It begins at the beginning of the subject, by establishing the faith of the reader in God and the Bible as his revelation, and proceeds to trace the glorious plan therein revealed, and to show which parts of that plan are already accomplished, and which will be accomplished during the Millennial age, the manner of its introduction, and its objects and methods.

We know of nothing to compare with this book, as a "Bible Key"—"A Helping Hand for Bible Students." The One Hundred and Twentieth Thousand is now on the press, and many who have read it carefully and prayerfully, declare that if they could not obtain another they would not part with their copy, and the hopes it has enkindled, for millions.

It contains 352 pages, clear type, good paper, etc. Price in cloth covers $1.00 (or together with one year's subscription to this journal, Zion's Watch Tower, $1.25). Price in paper covers 25 cents, reduced from 50 cents to bring it within reach of all. These prices include postage.

Only Watch Tower subscribers are desired to act as colporteurs or agents for this book, and to thus preach with each book sixteen sermons more effectively than in any other way, and to classes not otherwise accessible. Some loan these books in quantities, others give them to their friends, and others sell them. The latter plan is often best, because people will more surely read what they have paid something for.

Some of our readers, who can afford it, pay the above low prices by the hundred copies, and some do more and contribute to the TOWER TRACT FUND, enabling us to make the following terms on the paper covered books to those whose circumstances are such that they can greatly increase their time and labor in this work by taking advantage of the allowance, as all subscribers are at liberty and welcome to do, each according to his own judgment.

The terms to Colporteurs are as follows:—To such as desire these books for loaning or giving away, and to those who can spend more of their time in selling them by reason of this arrangement, the Tract Fund grants an allowance of 10 cents per book, in lots of not less than 10 books AT A TIME—that is $1.50 for 10 books, $3.00 for 20, etc. This allowance is made to enable those of limited means to do more in the work of spreading the truth than they could otherwise do.

To such as give their entire time to this ministry of the truth, traveling from town to town and engaging in no other business for support, the Tract Fund grants an allowance of 12-1/2 cents per copy (called "Expense Money" to pay the traveling and living expenses of colporteurs),—in lots of not less than 20 books AT A TIME,—that is $2.50 for 20 books, $5.00 for 40, etc.

When ordering state plainly which terms you accept, otherwise we shall reckon 25 cents each.


except that colporteurs will be permitted to order one half the minimum quantities,—5 for 75 cents, etc., or to regular colporteurs 10 for $1.25.




[In English only.]

Prices are terms same as Vol. I. This volume is intended only for those who have carefully and thoroughly studied Vol. I. All such whose interest is awakened, will surely want this volume and succeeding ones which are in course of preparation, as well as the regular issues of the WATCH TOWER.


Though foreign postage is higher, we must not increase the price; for money elsewhere is more scarce among the poor than here, and the poor we want specially to reach, since we know that "not many rich or great" are among the Lord's chosen.

Our foreign friends may, therefore, hereafter, reckon our terms in English money, thus:—

25 cents = 1 shilling. 50 cents = 2 shillings.
$1.00 " 4 " $1.25 " 5 "
1.50 " 6 " 2.50 " 10 "
3.00 " 12 " 5.00 " 20 "

Upon this arrangement the WATCH TOWER will hereafter be 2 shillings instead of 3 shillings per year.



Those unable to purchase the Dawn (and there are some we find—even at this low price) can have a copy of either volume on loan, upon promise to read it and to return it.

All who would engage in the work of ministering as colporteurs, but who lack the means to purchase the quantities mentioned above, can take their sample book and begin by taking orders, payable on delivery. If you can write us that you have secured orders for 5 we will let you have 10 books on credit; if you get orders for 10 we are willing to let you have 20; if you get 20 we will let you have 40 books on credit.

* * *

Write your order on a separate piece of paper from that upon which your letter is written. Write very plainly—especially your name and address. The name of the town is not always the same as the name of the post office: be sure to give the name of the Post Office to which you wish books sent. Give us plenty of time by ordering several days before you want the books, as we are very busy.



MISSIONARY ENVELOPES.—A fresh supply now 25 for 10 cents; 100 for 35 cents; 300 for $1.00.—postage free. A good and easy way to spread the light. "Tell the whole world the blessed tidings."



We are in receipt of many letters asking, whether this work is of any value to English readers who have no knowledge of the Greek. We answer, Yes; it is specially designed for such: and the Diaglott, together with Young's Analytical Concordance, are worth more than a year's study of the Greek. Both should be in the hands of every Bible student; but if you cannot afford both, the Diaglott is the most valuable—indeed almost indispensable.

Many orders come for the Diaglott from persons not subscribers to the TOWER, and for extra copies for friends from those who are subscribers. Hence, we must explain particularly, why we can supply this work to TOWER subscribers only, and to these only one copy each, at the special price $1.50. The reasons are as follows:

Some years ago a Brother, who is a great friend to the TOWER, and a great admirer of the Emphatic Diaglott also, suggested that, Every student of God's plan, as presented in the TOWER, ought to have the aid which the Diaglott affords. The difficulty which seemed to stand in the way was, that it is of necessity an expensive work (Retail price in cloth binding $4.00, postage 16 cts. = $4.16.) and the great majority of our readers are far from wealthy, like the majority of the saints in all ages. To meet this difficulty, the Brother proposed to the TOWER PUB. CO., that, if they would be at the trouble and expense of mailing the books, he would supply one copy each to all TOWER subscribers, at a price to bring the book with the reach of all, viz. $1.50, including postage.

This was begun when our subscription list was much smaller than now, and is still continued: New readers of either DIAGLOTT or TOWER need both. Subscribers will please save us the annoyance of refusing, and returning their money, by ordering only one copy of the Diaglott: unless your first copy has worn out,—in which case, in ordering another, mention this fact. The only way for others to get the book at this special price is to subscribe for the TOWER: and the Diaglott must be mailed direct to the subscriber and not to another person.



Our supply of this valuable work, at $3.50, is now exhausted. Hereafter, we can give our subscribers the benefit of a wholesale price only, as competitive editions are about exhausted, and the "Author's Edition" is able to command its price,—which, the value of the work considered, is very cheap. The retail price of the book is $5.00, with postage 55 cents added—$5.55. Our price to our readers will hereafter be $4.25 by mail, postage prepaid by us; or $3.70, if sent by express at your charges. As it is quite a large volume (weight seven pounds), it will be cheapest for most purchasers, to get it by mail.



This is a translation of the Old Testament Scriptures into the English language by a Hebrew. It is chiefly valuable for comparison in studying. This lot we can supply—postage paid by us—at $1.50, in sheep binding.



Our meetings are held in G.A.R. Hall, over the Third National Bank, No. 101 Federal Street, Allegheny City. Readers and friends will be warmly welcomed. Preaching every Lord's-day afternoon at 3.30 o'clock; Bible Class at 2.30 o'clock. Services in German at 10.30 A.M. of the same day.