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This option was added for those desiring a larger portion of the screen devoted to content. The menus are replaced by abbreviated, mostly single-character shortcuts at the top of the screen. Hovering over abbreviated menu items will display a more compete explanation for that option.
[-]   K+  KJV Bible with cross-references
K  KJV Bible text only
A,B,C,D,E,F,T  Volumes and Tabernacle Shadows
EBC  Expanded Biblical Comments
Z  Original Towers
  ac = Ascending Chronological order
  d = Descending Reprint order
  dc = Descending Chronological order
  alph = Alphabetical order
Q  Question Book
Pd  Photodrama of Creation
M  Manna
S  Songs in the Night
H  Hymns of Millennial Dawn
Pr  Precious Promises
Po  Poems of Dawn
Sp  Spurious Passages
Ep  Epitomy of the Faith PDF
U  Update Website
V8  to switch to the Version 8 layout.
3  to switch to the 3 Column layout.
W  to switch to the Wide layout.

This option displays the BIBLE / CONTENT / EBC in full columns side by side. Menu shortcuts are the same as in the CLASSIC LAYOUT, with the following additions:
V  RVIC Bible menu
Ov  Overland Monthly
CR  Convention Report Sermons
M  Manna

ALSO: The RVIC content with extensive footnotes is diplayed in the right column.

This option displays the CONTENT in a wide column to the left, and stacked columns with the BIBLE and EBC to the right. Menu shortcuts are the same as in the 3 COLUMN LAYOUT.


Fullscreen Search opens the search function in a separate window without menus to allow for a larger viewing area.

Bible Search using standard book abbreviations followed by a chapter and verse is a quick way to find a Bible reference. For example: Isa 35:10 Matt 24:21 etc.

A RESTRICTED SEARCH of a portion of the database is possible by using a single-letter prefix followed by the greater than sign. Use the following table:

K> Bible
O> Old testament
N> New testament

A> Volume 1
B> Volume 2
C> Volume 3
D> Volume 4
E> Volume 5
F> Volume 6
T> Tabernacle
V> Volumes plus Tabernacle

M> Manna
S> Songs in the Night

R> Reprints / Original Towers
Z> Reprints plus miscellaneous content from Original Towers

Q> Question Book

X> Expanded Biblical Comments

Volume 1 search: A>close eyes
Bible search: K>"time of the end" (exact phrase)
Manna search: M>needle
Volumes search: V>Gospel harvest

HTDB Version 8 downloadable is a version that can be used on any Windows capable system. An internet connection is not required to use this version. It has all the features of the web-based version, without the integrated audio and search capabilities. However, if an internet connection is available the search and audio features will be available even on the downloadable version.

Most recent updates: HTDB Version 8