[Nah. 1:1]

Burden of Nineveh —As Babylon refers to the apostate church of Rome, so Nineveh, we think, refers to the world and conditions affecting both the church and the world at this time. R480:4*

[Nah. 1:2]

Take vengeance —The Day of Wrath will completely consume earthly governments and Churchianity in a fire of anarchy. Nothing shall quench that fire, it will cause the utter destruction of present systems. R2565:1
He reserveth wrath —The wrath of God is love's severity, love's parental rod, inflicting no needless pain and never striking in vain, nor ceasing to strike till sin shall be no more. D562*

[Nah. 1:3]

Acquit the wicked —The demands of justice must be satisfied. E28, E422, E464,E448-452; A155 God did not pardon Adam's transgression and remit its penalty. E460
Hath his way —Makes himself known. D238
In the whirlwind —The whirlwind of revolution, the intense and complicated trouble and commotion of the Day of Vengeance. D13, D238,D528
In the storm —Of trouble. D238 "Behold it cometh mighty and strong from the Lord, as a tempest of hail and a devouring storm, as a flood of mighty waters overflowing, and shall cast down to the earth with power the crown of pride." (Isa. 28:2) D528

[Nah. 1:5]

The mountains —Kingdoms. A318
And the earth —The present organization of society. C229; D46, D528; A323
Is burned —Is destroyed. D528

[Nah. 1:6]

Like fire —The fire of God's retributive vengeance burning up present evils. D529

[Nah. 1:7]

The LORD is good —Though the waking hour be one of clouds and thick darkness, the work of destruction will be a "short work" (Matt. 24:22), and immediately afterward the glorious Sun of Righteousness will begin to shine forth. D558

[Nah. 1:8]

Overrunning flood —Deluge of truth. D529
And darkness —Ignorance. A18; B167

[Nah. 1:9]

Make an utter end —Of iniquity. D558 Of this present order of things. R1705:5

[Nah. 1:10]

Together as thorns —There can be no peaceful and comfortable affiliation of liberty-loving Protestants with the tyrannical spirit of Papacy. D267, D552 Thorns in each other's sides. D552; R1705:5
As drunkards —Intoxicated with the spirit of the world, the wine of Babylon. D267, D552; R1705:5
Shall be devoured —Overwhelmed and, as religious systems, utterly destroyed in the great cataclysm of trouble and anarchy now impending. D552, D267 Shortly after the great religious federation has been perfected the upheavals of socialism and anarchy will suddenly destroy them. R1705:5

[Nah. 1:15]

Upon the mountains —Kingdoms. A318
The feet —The last members of the Body of Christ. A341; B253, B254; C236, C301 Not literal feet, any more than in the passage, "His feet shall stand in that day upon the Mount of Olives." (Zech. 14:4) B157
Of him —Christ in the flesh, the Elijah. A341; B253, B254; C236, C301
Publisheth peace —A ransom for all and consequent blessings for all, deliverance. A341; C236

[Nah. 2:3]

Chariots —A Jewish proverb declares, "When the railway reaches Jerusalem, Messiah comes." C272 The locomotives for the Jaffa and Jerusalem railroad recently (1891) reached Palestine.R1304:5 Automobiles, trains, etc., by which people are running to and fro. (Dan 12:4) Q759:5; R480:4*
Flaming torches —Trains in the night seem like torches. R480:5*
The day —The period of time when the Lord God would prepare, or make ready, the elements and conditions for the new dispensation, "The Golden Age of Prophecy." Q759:4 The period for the "flashings of Jehovah's lightnings" (Psa. 77:18) for the blessing of mankind. A171 Beginning with the flood of truth mentioned in Dan. 12:5-7 and Rev. 12:15,16; also marking the end of Papal power. C67, C65, C66 In which the world has been since 1799 AD. OV384:3, OV46:2; R1258:4 115 years from 1799 to 1914 AD. C23 More than 70 Bible prophecies relate to the "Day of Preparation." Q759:4
Of his preparation —For the Millennium, Messiah's Kingdom. OV147:3, OV384:3; SM159:1, SM445:2, SM699:1; R1258:4, R1487:6, R1691:3, R4431:2, R4790:3, R5722:1 We are in the Day of the Lord's Preparation. SM446:1; R4431:2, R4790:3; Q759:4 Preparation for the wind-up of the present evil world (age), and for the inauguration of the world (age) to come, wherein dwelleth righteousness. (2 Pet 3:13) OV147:3; Q759:5 Modern inventions and advantages are preparations for the Millennium. CR60:4,5; R4431:2, R5722:2, R1258:4; A169; C172; OV384:3; SM159:1 Another name for the "Time of the End" (Dan 11), because the increase of knowledge paves the way for the Millennium, making ready the mechanical devices that will economize labor. In another sense, by giving to all a taste of liberty and luxury that will become agencies of class-power, resulting in the uprising of the masses and the overthrow of the present dominions of earth. C23In which every question of moral rights and obligations, including the relationship between men and women, is coming forward for consideration and ventilation. R1548:3 As a logical consequence of the increase of knowledge the civil and ecclesiastical powers of Babylon are now being weighed in the balance of justice in full view of the whole world. D75 Many of the Lord's professed followers regard his present "strange work" (Isa. 28:21,22) as an innovation, rather than a preliminary preparation for the glorious reign of the Prince of Peace. R1487:6 In which the increase of knowledge, of God's appointment, is one of the influences now at work binding Satan by curtailing his influence and circumscribing his power. A265 Inventions of this time have been a great blessing; yet, because of selfishness, they have been injurious to many. SM699:1 Mechanical inventions, which for a time brought prosperity and promised great future blessings, proved to make the best of all slaves, decreasing the need for unskilled labor, even while population rises rapidly. R1691:3 If present inventions are but preparations for the glorious day, what may we not expect of a growingly intelligent race under the supervision of the perfect Ancient Worthies and the great Messiah. OV46:2 God is getting the forces of nature ready for the blessing of all the nations of the earth. CR60:5 The Lord did not favor general education until the Day of His Preparation. SM160:T When 75 years of this day had developed the proper conditions for the beginning of his great work, the Master stepped upon the scene quietly. The remaining years of this Day will accomplish the setting up or establishment of his Kingdom in power and glory. C130
The fir trees —Symbolic of the Lord's people. R480:5*
Terribly shaken —Before the storm-blast. R480:5*

[Nah. 2:4]

They shall justle —At their "couplings." R480:5*
Like the lightnings —The foregoing is a symbolic representation of a railway train. C272; R1304:5 The modern term for a fast train is "the lightning train." R480:5* Automobiles are also "chariots with flaming torches," which "rage in the streets." Q759:5